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Bio – George Olmos

George Olmos DjIn the decade of the 80 captive would be born a lover of music From an early age showed that fondness for music, showing his good taste for arts and everything that adorns the feeling.

With a deep and strong foundation of the genre of the 90’s (grunge), George is marking his musical journey. His influence on genres high in percussion led him on a new path ….

In 2008, again the feeling emerges and takes part to George this time with more force, several parties, informal meetings were the red carpet.
Receiving very good feedbacks so without much work experience begins.

This is how it appears on the scene, being resident DJ at the time, in a bar, then a terrace so getting experience and the most important thing a DJ can have … that contact with people who in some way or another enjoy a good beat.

Going through several genres, house, progressive, tribal, is rooted more in genres with much more content and musical resources.
To this day, is responsible for transmitting the cultural side of music with rhythms of our roots.

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Twitter: @GeorgeOlmosDj